Eric Boyum

AAMS®, CKA® | Financial Advisor

Eric started his career in the financial industry in 2007 right before the great recession. “It was an honor and a privilege to help guide people through a challenging and emotional time,” Eric said. In 2013 Eric became an independent advisor and started his own firm, Fortify Financial Services. After growing his practice for five years, Eric asked himself, “There must be more to life than this? Am I using my business for God’s glory?” He felt God leading him in a new direction and felt God say, “THE OPPOSITE OF MORE IS ENOUGH.” In 2019 Eric began studying to become a Certified Kingdom Advisor through the Ron Blue Institute and Indiana Wesleyan University. In 2020 Eric became one of the first Certified Kingdom Advisors (CKA) in the state of Idaho and the first in the Boise metro area. In 2023 Eric remained independent and aligned himself with Inspire Advisors, an investment firm that focuses on Biblical Responsible Investing (BRI), based out of Meridian, Idaho. Eric believes that guiding people to be the best stewards with their money is a cornerstone. “If I teach good stewardship than I should practice good stewardship,” Eric said, “Aligning myself with Inspire Advisors allows me to do so.” Eric is known for saying, “We all go to the school of life, some of us pay more tuition than others.” “I guide my clients to avoid paying more tuition than is necessary.”

Eric continually strives to help people make smart decisions. He helps clients address their five biggest concerns: preserving their wealth, reducing taxes, preparing and taking care of their heirs, estate planning, and charitable giving.

Eric starts every client relationship having a conversation about, “What is important about money to you?” A simple question many people have never thought about. This conversation is the foundation every personal stewardship plan builds upon. Eric’s focus is on the people, not the products. “I have no control over the market. I build and nurture relationships with people and help them pursue their best lives with the assets that they have,” Eric says.


Phone: 208-880-2244

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Inspire donates 50% of the net profits to impactful charities.

The potential impact of a $500,000 portfolio with 7% expected annual rate of return over 20 years:


People provided with a clean water source


Bibles were given to the persecuted Church


Operation shoebox gifts delivered


People reached for the gospel of Jesus Christ


Cases of legal representation for the oppressed


Potential babies spared through pro-life counsel

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